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As a key player in Malaysia’s industrial and commercial laundry market, the company represents renowned brands like Kannegiesser GmbH, Sankosha Press Japan, Domus Laundry, Primus Laundry, and Battistella SPA. Catering to sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, food and beverage, and textile rental services, their offerings ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The specialized set of machinery and tools offered efficiently clean and maintain large-scale laundry facilities found in hotels, hospitals, commercial laundries, and industrial operations. Industrial washing machines, dryers, ironers, folders, and other related equipment handle high volumes of laundry quickly and effectively, often incorporating advanced features like programmable controls, energy-efficient technologies, and water recycling systems to enhance performance and sustainability. With solutions tailored for various industries, including hospitals, hotels, manufacturing, and restaurants, the company supports diverse sectors in maintaining their textiles, adhering to safety standards, and enhancing overall service quality.

Why Choose Us

Enhanced Productivity

Our efficient equipment processes large volumes of laundry quickly, reducing turnaround times and increasing operational efficiency.

Superior Cleaning Quality

 Industrial-grade machinery ensures thorough cleaning and sanitation, meeting stringent hygiene standards and delivering consistently high-quality results.

Cost Savings and Sustainability:

Utilizing energy-efficient technologies and water recycling systems minimizes utility costs and environmental impact, contributing to long-term sustainability efforts.

Seamless Operation

Partnering with us ensures a smooth and effective laundry operation, enhancing cleanliness, productivity, and sustainability for your facility.

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