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Sailstar Tilting Washer Extractor

Available size :- 100kg, 150kg, 200kg

MSM-T Series 

● Air springs suspension system for stable high spin
● SS304 Stainless steel basket and outer drum
● Air bags actuated tilting system for one-way unloading tilt
  (Optional two-way tilt)
● Exclusive Tie Bar tilting security system
● Bearing Dry Zone design
● User friendly touch screen control
● Programmable computer up to 40 programs
● Programmable water levels, temperatures, cool-down
● Long lasting powder coated panels
● Large stainless steel door
● Automatic door opening with air seal
● Direct steam injection heating
● Safety door interlock system
● Five flush able detergent supply compartments
● Five liquid supply connection points
● Built-in bearing lubrication system
● Four sides safety skirt panel for full protection


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