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Silicone Drycleaning Machine 

Available size :- 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 18kg 

Sailstar MS(dry cleaning) 

● Designed for D60, DF2000, Green Earth, Rynex, Isopal, etc...
● Fully enclosed system with refrigeration recovery system
● Programmable colorful touch screen computer
● Frequency inverter drive
● Three automatic self-cleaning tanks
● Two convertible ecological powder-less disc filters
● One double all-carbon filter
● Advance fractional distillation system
● Vacuum distillation tank
● Refrigerated solvent cooling
● Button trap drying
● Automatic still waste removal system
● Still overfill preventer
● Double water separator
● Automatic still on/off
● Floor Safe safety trough
● Electronic drying controller to monitor solvent recovery

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