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The new PowerTrans PLUS is a workflow deliverer of the overall process in the laundry. A modern batch washer, which combines flexibility, performance and lowest consumption figures. 

Batch size: 40kg, 50kg, 60kg 85kg, 110kg and 130kg



  • Designed for all purposes“ and use able as high performance machine for large linen volumes on one hand and highly flexible special machine for individual applications on the other hand.
  • Available for batch sizes of 40 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg, 85 kg, 110 kg and 130 kg
  • Hourly production capacity between 250 kg and 5.000 kg possible
  • Variable rinse process now possible:- Up to 2 standard water recovery tanks guarantee intelligent water managementUltramodern control concept with new, innovative functions, 22“ Touch Panel and user authentication
    • Counter flow rinsing enables a simple and transparent machine design especially for a generally compatible linen mix
    • Bath exchange rinsing increases the output and drastically reduces the number of empty compartments even with an incompatible linen mix.
    • JET-rinsing in combination with the extraction unit enables drastic reductions of energy, water and chemical consumption.
  • Simple integration in enhanced Management Information Systems




Volume Maximizer


Linen Care wash

Dry Transfer 


Final Transfer 

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