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With the Kannegiesser Series XMT tunnel finisher, garments can be finished during the entire cycle process. Compared to other more traditional tunnel finishers, the new generation has an excellent finish quality with a reduced energy input.

Tunnel Finisher 


  • Applicable for any garments in the healthcare, workwear and nursing home sector
  • 4 performance classes from 900 to 2,200 garments per hour
  • Gas or Steam heated
  • Energy saving counter flow principle (garments are transported against the airflow)
  • Infeed and Outfeed chambers function as heat exchangers
  • Alternating air nozzles put the hangers in a twist for higher finish quality
  • Offset steam nozzles provide for a constant finish quality and gentle treatment of fabrics
  • New design “turbo jets” increase the circulation rate of air with the same fan power
  • Only one air inlet channel because of the new air flow
  • A upgraded stainless steel transport conveyor system for a safe and maintenance free production process


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