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folding automat 

The FA-X M Kannegiesser Garment Folder is hand fed. Articles can be delivered to the operator by carts or automatic conveyors.



  • Able to fold all types of garments
  • Machine cycle allows a maximum performance of 900 pieces per hour
  • Common design concept for all models: FA-X M, FA-X A 700/900/Industry
  • Height adjustable supporting table for proper ergonomics
  • No infeed vacuum because of the flat orientation of the infeed - no extra maintenance for a vacuum system, less lint, and less noise
  • Stainless steel supporting table for easy and precise adjusting of the garment – this results in very high folding quality
  • No need of a manual program change because all articles are automatically identified - and shaft-belt principle which enables automatic thickness adjustment
  • The operator can concentrate on the article feeding and high speed performance.
  • High safety standard because of the constant positive control of the article
  • Continuous, wide belting prevents jamming
  • Folded items are held in a perfect orientation due to the lifting stacker which presses every article against a metal plate after the folding process
  • Precise function control because of item tracking in the machine






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