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Total 2.5 Plus

Total 2.5


The only equipment available on the market today that one machine performs the treatment full of professional-quality carpet.

This washing machine performs the following functions: dust + wash + spin, on a single machine without noise or vibration.

We offer TOTAL machine models from a mini carpet cleaning system that only requires 15 m2 to an industrial carpet cleaning.

The first process is performed dusted on the bottom of the machine 80% of the dust is collected in the lower drawers and the remaining 20% outside the vacuum cleaner. When the carpet has come 1m. you can start the wash that runs through the four stages arranged in the carwash.

First stage: The carpet starts soaping, you can vary the flow rate of the spray, depending on the thickness of the carpet. Soap is introduced by a variable displacement pump, is taken directly from the container of shampoo.

Second stage: This area is done brushing, twelve brushes arranged on carts moving from one place to another train, these cars are equipped with a pneumatic system to control the pressure is made on the carpet, this pressure varies 0 to 60 kgs. by car. The direction of rotation of the brushes are changed from the control panel, thus contributing to long life of the brushes because there is no hair flawed.

Third stage: In this area makes a clear energetic while, combing the carpet pile.

Fourth stage: During this stage, the mat rolls up alone and is ready for the introduction, without any additional operation in centrifugal wringer.

By this train, brushes, water and shampoo are used only in the area where circulates the carpet, because there is no dead zones, you get a great saving both water and detergent.

The whole process provides quality cleaning unimaginable today for a carwash. Equipped with water recirculation system.

Then a roller carriage included in the machine is placed in the centrifuge.

Not transmit any vibration between the centrifuge and the carwash. TOTAL 3.5 In the model, two rugs can be placed in the centrifuge as it is 4.5 meters useful. They work the washer-dusting + + the centrifuge all at once. It therefore has high productivity.

The whole machine is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304.


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