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The Spanish carpet washing machine manufacturer Catinet developed the world’s first carpet washing machines in 1992. Today Catinet is the world‘s leading manufacturer of professional water based carpet washing machines.

The success of Catinet‘s is built on the utilization of patented, unique and durable technical solutions, which are integrated in all Catinet‘s machines. All machines are entirely built of stainless steel (AISI 304) for maximum durability and minimum maintenance.

Catinet provides a complete line of machines for carpet washing. Each of the machines can be installed and utilized separately and independently of the others. This make the Catinet machines the most flexible and versatile on the market.

The machines are all produced in standard models as well as in specially customized versions that accommodate customers’ individual demands for e.g. oversized machines and special features. Catinet’s machines can be utilized for washing most types of carpets and rugs incl. wool, cotton and synthetics.

Carpet washing machines from Catinet are today used by most major carpet washing laundries throughout Europe, the Middle East and in Central Asia.




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